Hitman, changelog dell’update di dicembre

IOI ci comunica il changelog ufficiale dell’update di dicembre per l’ultimo capitolo della saga di Hitman.

Eccolo in versione integrale (purtroppo per i non anglofoni, non è disponibile una versione in italiano)

“The HITMAN December Update is a mandatory update for all players and includes the Holiday Hoarders mission plus some general improvements to the game.

The headline act for our December Update is the ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission that is coming to HITMAN in support of World Cancer Research Fund. This free mission for ALL players takes place in a festive Paris that has been overhauled with Christmas trees, snow, decorations and presents. We are asking players to donate whatever they can via www.wcrf-uk.org/hitman 

Here’s a few words from IOI’s Studio Head, Hannes: “Cancer is something that affects everyone in one way or another at some point in their lives. We’re giving away some fun, free holiday content to all HITMAN players and we ask in return that if you want to donate to a great cause, please give whatever you can.

Just two weeks ago on November 28, we released the November Update that added Offline Profile support and a whole host of other improvements to the game. In that short time, we’ve announced and prepared the ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission for release. The time has almost come for us to stop talking about it and let you jump in and start playing it!

December Update Release Timings

The HITMAN November Update releases worldwide across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on December 13 2016.
We expect the download size for this update to be 2.5GB on PS4, 1.2GB on Xbox One and 1.3GB on PC. As with all of our game updates, there will be a short period of server maintenance whilst we push the content live. The server maintenance will begin at 10.00 UTC and is expected to last 3-4 hours, hopefully less. We are expecting to push the game update live on all platforms at approximately 12.00 UTC. All updates will be posted via the IOI Twitter account.

Holiday Hoarders Overview
‘Holiday Hoarders’ is a free mission for all players, released in support of World Cancer Research Fund. The mission gives a festive feeling to the existing Paris location with snow, decorations and even presents, which have been scattered all around the palace. 47 can open these presents and use whatever he finds inside to help eliminate his targets; two thieves who have gained entrance to the fashion show.

– Added a new content category: Holiday Content
– Added new Holiday Content: Holiday Hoarders
– Added the ‘Secret Santa’ Challenge Pack
– Added the ‘Santa 47’ suit (unlocked by completing all of the ‘Secret Santa’ challenges)
– Added 3 holiday-themed items that can be obtained and used in the ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission.
– Added a holiday-appropriate way to exit the ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission.
Note: The ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission will not feature any live content and it’s not currently possible to create Contracts on this mission.

December Update Release Notes

General Improvements

Improvement to Supersampling
Increased the quality of Supersampling filtering, to prevent the image from appearing blurry. This will affect PS4 Pro and PC.

The Escalation Inconsistence
We’ve fixed an inconsistency with the names of targets in the Caden Compostion Escalation Contract.

PS4 Pro Controller on PC
We’ve made sure that the game correctly recognises the new PS4 Pro Controller when it is connected to the PC version of the game.

Pull an Enemy
In this update, we’ve removed the ability for 47 to pull people over balconies or out of windows, when he is hanging on a ledge or below the balcony/window. There was a known issue for this move when it was introduced in our November update. It will be re-introduced with a game update in January when it is working as intended.

Fixed Issues

– We’ve fixed an issue with the ‘push’ animation on specific NPC’s in ‘The Icon’
– We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Dalia’s routine to suspend if Viktor has been killed and the fireworks have been triggered. [Showstopper] – PC Only: We’ve fixed an issue that could cause an infinite loading state when using DX 12.
– PC Only: We’ve fixed an issue that could cause noticeable drops in framerate on GTX 770.


December Content Schedule

Every week since we first launched HITMAN back on March 11th, we’ve added new content to the game. The content schedule for what’s coming in December is below:

Next Update
On January 31st, the physical version of HITMAN will release on a disc and you’ll be able to find it on store shelves. Around that time, we will also release a game update for all players. We will share more details on the exact timings and what you can expect from that update in January, but we wanted to put it on the radar now.
Lastly, as this will likely be the last official blog post that we release in 2016, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has played our game this year. From the beta in February all the way through to Hokkaido in October and now Holiday Hoarders in December, it has truly been a great year for us at IOI and for HITMAN.”

Foto del profilo di Cristiano Di Salvo

Informazioni su Cristiano Di Salvo

Videogamer da praticamente sempre, mi sono fatto le ossa su titoli come Commander Keen, The Secret of Monkey Island e Dune quando ancora non sapevo cosa fosse una divisione in colonna. A più di due decenni di distanza ho imparato anche a fare le frazioni, ma la passione per il gaming è rimasta sempre la stessa.

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